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Portuguese craftsmanship

TerryMe Boutique, is a project that I created in 2021. It is the result of a very personal reflection, about what excites me. I asked myself these existential questions, which we may all ask ourselves, at one time or another in our lives, when we seek the feeling of personal and professional accomplishment. I think that the crisis situation in which we are currently living is quite conducive to questioning. In my case, it brought me back to my origins and to questioning myself on what really matters. I saw myself as a little girl, in my home village in Portugal, named Vila de Rei located about 25 km from the capital, Lisbon. I remembered afternoons of games with my cousins, trips to the beach on weekends, summer carnivals filled with music, dotted with rides, in a festive atmosphere with the aroma of "churros" and sweet cotton!! Family meals… only small moments that marked my childhood. The smells and colors of all these memories have resurfaced, and with them, the ''saudade'', this Portuguese word which designates so well the nostalgia of what is no longer... but which makes always part of us.

A fresh start!

So how can I use this saudade ? By inviting you to travel with me through my memories, to rediscover my origins and this beautiful country that is Portugal. How ? Through his craftsmanship! The walls of our homes are like blank canvases challenging our creativity. We can enrich the environment in which we live, expressing our tastes, our personality, our style and even our ideas. In my memories, I see all kinds of objects: ceramic pieces in the kitchens of my tents, the beautiful blankets woven by my grandmother, which warmed us so well in winter! I want to share with you the traditions of my childhood, which brought me so much happiness and which dot my memories. I want to incorporate objects that go through time with me into my new decor. I invite you to live this adventure with me. Be inspired by TerryMe Boutique, traveling through the different regions of Portugal, by the hand of artisans close to their roots, daring and innovative in their traditional representations. Decorate your life with objects that will go through time with you! Craftsmanship is not only art made by experienced hands, it is, above all, the art of provoking emotions!

These emotions are the raw material of TerryMe Boutique. They are the ones who determine the selection of craftsmen and pieces that make up the inventory of my shop. To the emotions, I also added a healthy dose of authenticity and exclusivity! 100% hand-crafted and hand-painted traditional ceramics, Azulejo traditional and world famous, cork works, 100% national cotton and wool blankets, traditional reed baskets , these are just a few of the types of crafts I offer on my site! Let's discover together the traditional and contemporary Portuguese craftsmanship, which travels through the generations and which, today, is known throughout the world!

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