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Home decor: fused glass, an original gift!

Marinha Grande is a municipality in the district of Leiria, Portugal with a population of around 30,000 and developed around the royal glassworks in the 1700s. Today, the city of Marinha Grande is renowned for its glass artworks today incorporating the techniques of blown glass and fused glass.


Cradled by the waves of the Atlantic from the pretty seaside resort of Sao Joao de Moel, Marinha Grande has been the capital of glass for hundreds of years! The museum documenting all this history is in the Palacio Stephens, an 18th century neoclassical palace belonging to the wealthy English entrepreneur. Thanks to his efforts, centuries of glass craftsmanship are now unveiled at the Glass Museum of Marinha Grande with his breathtaking works!


Composed of several raw materials, including silica, shell and certain fluxes, such as sodium carbonate, glass is a substance which at room temperature is solid and transparent. Once subjected to high temperatures, it is easily malleable. Glass production spans different phases, involving a set of specific functions.

Most people are used to seeing glass for everyday use. The Marinha Grande collection that I propose to you will make you discover a whole new aspect and use of glass with all its richness and understand its multiple characteristics and manufacturing techniques.

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