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7 ways to find the perfect gift!

An original gift!

Finding the perfect gift for that special someone is definitely not that easy. Here are surefire ways to always have the perfect gift. Perfect gifts are like love: the more we seek perfection, the harder it is to find! When we wait until the last minute, we cannot think or see clearly. We miss nice things right in front of us, and because we try too hard, we focus on items that are probably more of a "troubleshooting" gift than a perfect gift. Finding the perfect gift takes creativity and time. Just as you'll be a better painter by painting more canvases or a better songwriter by writing more songs, you'll be a better buyer of the perfect gifts by spending more time shopping for the perfect gift. And if it's already the end of November or December and you're feeling the pressure, don't despair!

1- Offer the trip as a gift

We tend to focus on things to give as gifts, but experiences often make us happier than things. Not only are you enjoying the trip, but you're also enjoying the anticipation of the vacation! Our minds can hold unlimited amounts of treasured memories, but cupboards and shelves can quickly become cluttered. Experiences are more enjoyable and memorable!

2- Start shopping early for the perfect gift

Parties shouldn't surprise anyone; Christmas comes every year. So why wait until November to start Christmas shopping? If you finish your Christmas shopping in September or October and find a perfect Christmas present in December, put away the first present and save it for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Father's Day. There is no need to go shopping in September. Just keep your eyes peeled, you'll see plenty of gift ideas throughout the year!

3- Give unexpected gifts

While any gift is better than no gift, receiving the same thing on every occasion might lead someone to think your appreciation doesn't go any further. Try giving gifts that are different from what you've given before, or at least like something you haven't given in a long time.

4- Stock up on the perfect gifts

Don't give all the gifts at once! If you have extra, hide one in a safe place so you can use it for future parties. If you find a nice gift in September, you can give it right away or save it for Christmas or Valentine's Day. So rather than worrying about finding the perfect gift, just keep your eyes peeled. The gift will choose the giver.

5- Give gifts at unexpected times

Even if it is a gift that you give frequently, giving it at any other time is a delight for the recipient. If you give a nice gift without a special occasion, you create a new special event. Consider an Easter, Spring, Summer or Groundhog Day gift!! If you have extra gifts for an upcoming special day, you always have the option of giving the gift on less special occasions. Create new memorable dates! You won't have to repeat it every year, but it will be a gift that will be remembered and appreciated for years to come.

6- Listen to your loved ones

If you listen enough to your friends, family, you will get many clues for gift ideas. It is even possible that they voluntarily drop clues to see if you are paying attention!! They can mention: movies they like, books they would like to read, their home decoration ideas, their favorite colors and scents, shows they were looking forward to, events they would like to attend, places that they would like to visit…

7- Take and keep notes

Keep notes on your phone or on a notepad somewhere so you have them handy when it's time to shop. Don't try to rely on memory! Whenever inspiration strikes you, write it down, record it.

As you can see, finding the perfect gift for any occasion requires constant attention all year round so you're ready when the time comes for your special day. Prefer unique, different gifts that will amaze! Taking notes and stocking up on gifts is a great way to not only find the perfect gift, but also prepare for each special day. Get inspired by TerryMe Boutique gift ideas. Original gift ideas for the home with a touch of Portugal!

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